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Learn Realistic Rendering in just 14 Days

with simple software and without expensive PC

14 Day Realistic Rendering is for architects who want to create 3D Renders without wasting time and a bunch of money on Software and PC.

Spring SALE! 

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“This course was everything I needed to create realistic renders. Just incredible!” - Kevin Mandall

“10 days after finishing this course I got my first client. Thank you Melos!”

- Simo Haddour

""Best investment for my career so far, I feel a lot more confident to apply for a new job now”

- Kreshnik Koliqi

What You'll Learn In This Course

Day 1: Fundamentals, Tools and Software

  • Revealing the 2 Software that you can use without your computer crashing

  • The 4 Resources that help you work faster, so you spend more time on important tasks

  • Getting Access to the Best Exercise files that help you 10X your skills

Day 2: 3D Modelling

  • The best way to import 3D Models that way you don’t waste time modelling everything yourself

  • Learn the tools you NEED to know for modelling custom assets which your clients require

  • 2 Secret Sources of 3D Models which you can find almost any asset that you want.

Day 3: Populating our Scene

  • The BEST 7 Ready-to-Render Assets, No Material Mysteries!

  • Top 5 Vegetation Secrets: Crafting Landscapes Your Clients Will Love!

  • Best File Management methods to 5X your workflow

Day 4: Setting up a FAST Workflow

  • Setting up camera views that way you don’t waste time to go back to the composition you set up earlier

  • Setting up presets to link with camera views that way you can save different composition settings with different cameras

  • Efficiency methods that will put you ahead of the competition since you will ALWAYS be able to have a faster delivery than other 3D Artists

Day 5: Composition

  • You will learn all of the fundamental composition rules which will teach you how to emphasize the right elements

  • Use the right aspect ratios to get the most attention possible with your renders in social media

  • Learn how to use Depth of Field to blur out elements that are taking too much attention and focus on the client’s design

Day 6: Materials Fundamentals

  • Utilize Enscape Material library to import realistic materials in just 1 click 

  • I will show you all the resources to find the best materials possible that way you have all you need for your projects

  • Understand what each material map does and how to optimize it correctly to give depth to all of your materials

Day 7: Advanced Materials

  • Add imperfections to all of the materials to make them look just like real life.

  • Advanced materials set-up i.e curtains, carpet, grass etc. This will make you confident to achieve whatever look on the materials that your clients request from you.

Day 8: Natural Lighting

  • How to utilize the most fundamental natural lighting source to achieve photorealistic renders

  • Learn the importance of HDRIs and how they can mimic a real world environment

  • I will show you my library of HDRI’s and in what cases to use them to get the most optimized lighting to achieve realistic rendering

Day 9: Artificial Lighting

  • You will learn how to use very single lighting distribution in Enscape, which gives you a variety of tools you can implement to upgrade your projects.

  • Understand the importance of IES profiles and when to use them for realistic light distribution.

  • How to achieve a realistic render with using a “fake lighting” technique

Day 10: Visual Settings

  • Learn all color correction techniques to achieve a balanced look for your renders

  • Take advantage of special effects like fog, bloom, wind etc. to get more motion and make your renders more dynamic

Day 11: Creating Night Time Exterior Scene

  • Are your clients asking for night time renders? Don’t worry, I will give you the whole step by step process to create a night time scene.

  • Utilize the “fake lighting” technique for exterior renders to highlight the important parts of the building

Day 12: Exporting Renders

  • Learn all the best export settings that way all the work you put in your render is worth it.

  • Publishing your renders to the private community to receive feedback from rendering professionals that will tell you exactly what you need to improve on your renders.

Day 13: Photoshop Post Production

  • Learn the fundamental photoshop tools that you’ll need to elevate your raw renders

  • Improve reflections to mirror the environment of your choice, this will give even make your renders even more customizable for your clients.

  • Learn how to add other effects like fog, sun rays etc. which will improve the overall quality of your renders.

Day 14: Organic Distribution

  • Private Community:

    Get all your questions answered daily so you are never second guessing or wasting time!

  • $400 Worth of Exercise Files: The course will be built around your specific needs . These files will serve you even after you finish the course

  • Free 1-on-1 Call: You will have the opportunity to schedule a 1-on-1 call with me to review your renders and ask any questions about the 3D Rendering world

Limited Time Season of Learning Sale

Private Community

  • Get all your questions answered daily so you are never second guessing or wasting time!

  • Fast Support Response so you don't get stuck at any point during the course

  • Render Review livestream to give you personalized feedback

$1000 worth of Excercise Files for FREE

  • FREE files to follow during the course

  • FREE "homework" files to practice for each chapter

  • Practice files useful even after completing the course

Free 1-on-1 call

  • Consultation about your 3D Renders and how you can improve them

  • Help on getting clients and growing your 3D Rendering Business

What's Included for you:

Value Packed Videos

This course is designed to be easy to follow. Everything is shown step-by-step. Doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or if you are more advanced, all the lessons will be useful to you.

Exercise Files Included

In order to follow the program to the best of your ability. I will provide all the files that you will need in order to exercise. You will get $1000 worth of files for free.

Access to Feedback Group

You will get access to a private Facebook Group where rendering experts will give you feedback on your rendering. This method is one of the most proven ones to improve your skills

How Michele is doing 30 Projects after completing 14 Day Realistic Rendering

Vinicius started to create Realistic Renders with no prior experience

Some of student's work:

- Kreshnik Koliqi

- Enis Kadriu

- Lucius Herrera

- Corbin Whitaker

- Aarav Gupta

Meet Your Instructor

My name is Melos Azemi and I have completed 150+ Projects in 40+ countries through 3D Rendering. 

I started with a cheap $300 PC (that I borrowed from my father) and I literally had no idea on how which 3D Rendering software to use and how to use it.

After just one year, I was able to work worldwide, make a living for myself, have time and location freedom and managed to help millions of people through my Youtube Channel.

And guess what the #1 thing I've learned throughout this entire journey is...?  👉  You don't need fancy PC, expensive software, or professional degrees to make an impact on the world with your renders and change your life by following your creative passions... Once you understand the fundamental laws of rendering, the sky is the limit as far as what you can achieve. AND THAT RIGHT THERE is what inspired me to create the world's most affordable online course for Realistic Rendering no matter what PC you have.

But I get it, you probably don't really care about who I am and why I created this platform... Right now, all you care about is CAN I ACTUALLY HELP YOU! Well, since launching my educational platform Rendering in 2021, over 2 Million people have watched my tutorials and the feedback is in... People are blown away at how fast they can learn Realistic Rendering when they follow a proven step-by-step process. I hope you're as excited as I am for you to begin this journey! I hope to meet you soon!

Who Is This Course For?

  • You want to learn how to create Realistic Renders

  • You value not wasting time and money on software and PC

  • People who want to make 6 Figures through Realistic Rendering

What Categories Do We Focus On?

  • Architecture Students trying to earn income through renders

  • Interior Designers trying to get more clients

  • Architects looking to improve their renders

  • Real Estate Agents trying to market their properties

  • ​And so much more!

Who Is This Course NOT For?

  • Your aren't willing to take instructions and prefer to figure things out on your own with trial and error.

  • You do not want to generate more income, learn a valuable skill or have time and location freedom

Frequently Asked Questions

Which software will be used for modelling?

In the course I will be using Sketchup, but the lessons are applicable with any other modelling software.

How long do I have access to the program & when does it start?

The course is created in video lessons as step-by-step tutorials so that you can follow along at your own time. Re-watch as many times as needed and fit in your work/study schedule.

Do I need a powerful computer/laptop to take the program?

If you already create some kind of creative work with your PC which uses your GPU you’ll probably be able to handle the course work with no problem! However if you are not sure you can check the system requirements.

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely! 14 Day Realistic Rendering has a 7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely SATISFIED and ENLIGHTENED by the 14 Day Realistic Rendering Program, then contact us within 7 Days for a full refund, no questions asked!

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